TCBSBM is a non-profit organization that speaks on behalf of quality education for African Americans in the state of Texas. This organization speaks to the following Board associations regarding education:

  • National School Board Association (NSBA)
  • National Caucus of Black School Board Members (BC)
  • Texas Association of School Boards (TASB)
  • National Alliance for Black School Educators (NABSE)
  • Texas Alliance for Black School Educators (TABSE)

What We Do:

  • Events/Meetings (Education Summit, Summer Leadership Institute, TASA/TASB Convention
  • Federal Legislative Advocacy (Resolutions proposed and adopted by TASB)

Our mission at Texas Caucus of Black School Board Members is to:

  • Provide a forum for the unique issues faced by Black school board members and Black students throughout the state
  • Serve as an official advisory body on matters relating to issues of concern to blacks on local school boards; positions on the Texas Association of School Boards; and the National School Boards Association
  • Promote better relationships and understanding between Black school board members, their local communities and local school boards, the Texas Association of School Boards; and the National School Boards Association
  • Provide a means whereby Black school board members can actively participate in the state and national dialogue on educational problems, issues and concerns as well as opportunities, within the Texas Association of School Boards, National Association of School Boards and other national organizations, committed to the full growth and development of Black and other minority children

The TCBSBM apologizes to our members and the public as a whole as a previous posting of bylaws was incorrect. We also apologize for any confusion that may have resulted due to the posting. 

Below are downloads for our TCBSBM mission and bylaws as well as a signed final page.

TCBSBM Mission and Bylaws
TCBSBM_Mission and Bylaws_Mar2018.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 361.7 KB
TCBSBM Mission and Bylaws, with signed final page
TCBSBM_Mission and Bylaws_Signed Page.PD
Adobe Acrobat Document 952.7 KB