The bylaws of the Texas Caucus of Black School Board Members are available to view below. The bylaws define the purpose of the TCBSBM, membership and membership eligibility, fiscal procedures, officers, board members, committees, and other key aspects of the organization's operations and goals.


Mission Statement:   The Texas Caucus of Black School Board Members mission is to bring awareness, educate and empower all Texas school board members; particularly members of color to identify, advocate and address the systemic negative issues frequently encountered by African American students within the educational system.


Vision Statement:  To ensure an inclusive environment within each school district that all minority students are treated fair and impartial by affording an equitable educational system and equality to student access and resources regardless of their race or gender that will foster equivalent academic success afforded to every student.

TCBSBM Mission and Bylaws, Rev. 2021 with signed final page
Bylaws of the Texas Caucus of Black Scho
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