October 29, 2020

Texas Caucus of Black School Board Members with Texas AFT, The Texas Alliance of Black School Educators, and The Texas Association of Black Personnel in Higher Education participated in a ceremonial signing with Texas A&M University-Commerce on Thursday, October 29, 2020. This historical event allows TCBSBM to expand its current scholarship fund from $30,000 to now include tuition dollars to graduating seniors from school districts affiliated with our organization. The offer is not limited to your students but also provides for tuition support to members desiring to pursue a master's or doctoral degree.


Immediate Past President Ty G. Jones and Dr. Kimberly McLeod, Dean of the College of Education and Human Services for Texas A&M University-Commerce. Because of their efforts, TCBSBM can further its vision of empowerment for African American students and honorable school board Trustees in education.

The Collaboration of TCBSBM and Texas A&M-Commerce pledge...

TCBSBM joined Texas A&M-Commerce in a Multi-Organizational virtual MOU signing where graduating high school seniors (Undergraduate students) from districts of TCBSBM organization will have the balance of their tuition paid for portions not covered by other financial assistance, if they attend Texas A & M University - Commerce and meet the specified criteria.TCBSBM- Members will also have the opportunity to participate in The Rising Lion Program (details in MOU) which provides for members desiring to pursue a Master or Doctoral degree:

  • $650 grant per semester if enrolled in 6 or more graduate hours
  • $350 grant per semester if enrolled in 3 to 5 graduate hours

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE EVENT WITH TCSBSM and Texas A&M University - Commerce,